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Copy Editor.

Graphic Designer.

Yes, I am all three. Freelance writers or designers are easy enough to find, but you won't find many who do full-service marketing. Even if you need me to just write or just edit, you'll discover the benefits of hiring someone who understands the big picture.

As an award-winning marketing professional, my services achieve what a full team of writers, graphic designers and copy editors often fails to: a message that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Image by Jeroen den Otter

Melissa L. James

Nearly 25 years' experience in marketing & communication

At Creative Copy & Design LLC, I start with a creative concept and see it through from start to finish, each element working seamlessly with the next. I complete most projects personally, though for some I bring in design and writing partners while overseeing their work.

I'm ready to start on your:

Why Choose Creative Copy & Design?


As the owner of Creative Copy & Design, I work directly with you on your project. I'm known for quickly responding to calls and emails. I help clients nationwide, as well as local businesses across the Virginia Peninsula and Hampton Roads—including Newport News, Hampton, Williamsburg, Suffolk, Norfolk, Portsmouth and Virginia Beach.


My many repeat clients are a testament to both my quality of work and the relationship of trust, respect and fun that we build together. Nearly 100% of my clients find me through word of mouth. I have also earned a variety of business honors.


I started my career as a newspaper copy editor, which means anything I create for you will be grammatically correct, properly punctuated and free from embarrassing word choice errors like ensure/insure, mantel/mantle and other distinctions you might not even know about (but I do!).

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