Copy Editor.

Graphic Designer.

Yes, I am all three. Freelance writers or designers are easy enough to find, but you won't find many who do full-service marketing. Even if you need me to just write or just edit, you'll discover the benefits of hiring someone who understands the big picture.

As an award-winning marketing professional, my services achieve what a full team of writers, graphic designers and copy editors often fails to: a message that is greater than the sum of its parts.

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Melissa L. James

20 years' experience in marketing & communication

At Creative Copy & Design LLC, I start with a creative concept and see it through from start to finish, each element working seamlessly with the next. I complete most projects personally, though for some I bring in design and writing partners while overseeing their work.

I'm ready to start on your:

Why Choose Creative Copy & Design?


As the owner of Creative Copy & Design, I work directly with you on your project. I'm known for quickly responding to calls and emails. I help clients nationwide, as well as local businesses across the Virginia Peninsula and Hampton Roads—including Newport News, Hampton, Williamsburg, Suffolk, Norfolk, Portsmouth and Virginia Beach.


My services cost less than an ad agency or graphic design firm, who have higher overhead. Instead of paying for separate writers, designers, editors and project managers, you'll save by getting it all through one multi-talented person.


I started my career as a newspaper copy editor, which means anything I create for you will be grammatically correct, properly punctuated and free from embarrassing word choice errors like ensure/insure, mantel/mantle and other distinctions you might not even know about (but I do!).

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